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Throughout the year and at year's end, Zelma Rose donates a portion of sales to nonprofit organizations we believe in. To learn more about how you can help be active in the work for racial justice and veteran's rights please visit Color of Change, The One Campaign, and Team Rubicon. These groups provide active ongoing campaigns and welcome volunteers and donations throughout the year. Along with monthly and annual giving, Zelma Rose uses Offset to neutralize the carbon emissions based on shipping your order. Carbon emissions are calculated and a matching donation is made to help fund the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.
I've included below NOTES FROM THE STUDIO from my most recent NEWSLETTER (sent on 6/4/20) outlining my continued commitment to making Zelma Rose a brand that reflects all beauty. 
Hi Friends,

Black Lives Matter.
In the wake of the horrific injustices taking place across the nation, there is a need to listen, reflect and reevaluate. The call to strengthen and deepen activism is real and must be met with immediate and sustained response. The work of racial justice and anti-racism is a marathon and requires the same planning, daily practice and diligence. Both in life and in business.

Three years ago I made a commitment to change the face of Zelma Rose. It began with a desire for everyone, regardless of race, gender expression, or body to feel genuinely invited to the Zelma Rose brand. All people deserve to see themselves reflected as beautiful. With the help of stylist and creative director Jillian Knox, I began, and continue to work toward this goal. Since 2017, every Zelma Rose seasonal campaign has only included BIPOC models and a visual story created by an all womxn team. All other photos shared on the ZR website and social media channels have either been of me, or a variety of customers sharing with the greater ZR community how they style my designs. I still have a great deal of work to do - there is always the goal of more inclusion in every way, shape, and form - but what I've learned thus far, is that making a commitment to represent a multitude of faces as a fashion brand is easy. The work has not been hard. It has never been a struggle to find talented and brilliant BIPOC to work toward this commitment with me. And collaborating with a diverse group of talented professionals with dynamic stories to tell has been the greatest joy in my near decade of business.

I share this with you not as an audit of the steps I have taken, but it is my greatest hope that along with activism and education, you will take a deeply invested interest in Black lives and Black stories. There is no singular Black experience or point of view and while it is critical to be informed about history and injustice, it is equally critical to be an active listener to the richness and multitudes of the Black experience. Support Black literature, art, and businesses. Support Black stories.

If you haven't yet educated yourself on white privilege and racial injustice I encourage you to start now. If you have started and take part in conversations about privilege, racism, and anti-racism at home and work, I encourage you to go deeper. Click here for a list of books compiled by author Ibram X. Kendi, that I have found helpful as a parent, social justice advocate, and psychotherapist, in understanding systemic racism and white privilege.

I have been sharing some of the changes I've made recently at Zelma Rose on Instagram, and I encourage you to check in there this week as I will continue to share the work of BIPOC artists, psychologists, and scientists. Additionally, the GIVING section of the Zelma Rose website has been expanded and highlighted to include direct links to Color of Change, The One Campaign, and Team Rubicon the organizations I support throughout the year and at year's end through activism and donations. I hope you will take the time to get the know the work of these organizations and volunteer your time and/or donate.

Know that I will continue to work toward the goal of making Zelma Rose a brand that allows everyone to see their beauty reflected. And I will be listening. Forever listening.

Black Lives Matter.

Get to work, friends.