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Say hello to ZELMA ROSE MUSE, Vyana Novus.  Vyana is a queer multidisciplinary artist & parent living in Ojai, California. Vyana and I met several years ago via Instagram while collaborating on a photoshoot project. I sent over a few designs for the shoot and was quick to learn that Vyana is simply awesome.
After almost dying from a septic blood infection during postpartum, Vyana self-published The Redefining Success Journal as a tool to help others navigate drastic and traumatic life changes. With an essentialist mindset (doing less but better), Vyana offers resources, recipes, travel support, and creative inspiration from the perspective of Humble Luxury. Humble Luxury is Vyana's way of making luxury accessible to everyone, not just an exclusive experience reserved for those who can afford it. Yes to that, Vyana!
Vyana Novus-Magee Daren Magee
I asked Vyana to share with us their #thesethreethings, life lessons that have stuck with them though the years. Here's what Vyana had to say:
One: Invest in your financial intelligence.
I grew up really poor with a single mother who went to bed hungry through most of my childhood. I didn’t have access to information about growing wealth. Honestly, for years I didn’t even think it was possible to grow wealth from where I started. I just assumed you either had money or didn’t - or got lucky somewhere along the way. 

What I've come to learn is that our greatest asset when it comes to wealth is our minds. Understanding how to invest, how to grow assets, how to manage personal finances, and how to change daily spending habits isn’t out of reach for those of us who didn’t grow up with this information. It takes time and focused effort, but there are loads of books and classes that teach this information. Regardless of where you start, you can always invest in our greatest asset: your mind! 
Two: Make 1 decision that makes 1,000 other decisions.
This past year (my first year as a parent) has taught me just how valuable time is. I’ve learned how important it is to streamline mundane necessities (like grocery shopping) to limit decision fatigue and increase both my overall level of productivity and also my feelings of joy & pleasure. Making 1 decision that makes 1,000 other decisions in the week saves so much energy. The reward here is more time & energy to focus on what I deem essential. These days that means time with my partner & baby, time spent resting, and time spent creating.
These are some ways I've made 1 decision to make 1,000 others:
  • Set a weekly shopping & food/meal prep day
  • Created a defined and clear schedule that’s always open to negotiation if someone isn’t feeling like their needs are met fully
  • Created a family color palette which determines how we buy everything from clothing to housewares. (our palette is a warm mustard yellow (our core color), rust, soft peachy pink, cream, emerald, and a soft minty green)
  • Created family mottos thathelps us prioritize our choices based on our values. Our current 2 mottos are: ‘create more than you consume,’ and ‘value experiences & people over products.’
Having some clearly defined boundaries like this helps us in the small moments - like when we’re trying to decide what's for dinner - right on up to big decisions like, “do we travel or get a new car?” Following our family motto, we opted for a month in Copenhagen this summer instead of upgrading our nearly 20-year-old car!

A little investment in creating systems upfront has saved us a ton of energy and it gives us what we value most: time together. 
Three: Nothing grows without healthy roots. 
All my life I resisted consistency & structure. I wanted to be spontaneous and adventurous and I was convinced that structure & adventure couldn’t coexist. For years I lived with nothing more than a few backpacks worth of stuff to my name and a temporary address that usually belonged to a friend. I carried my roots in my arms and thought I was thriving when really I was barely surviving. It’s only with perspective now that I can see how difficult life was without a sense of stability.

Now, I’ve built a structure around my life that honors my needs, my goals, and allows me to sink deeper into my days. With the structure of my schedule creating a stable foundation beneath me, I’m able to create more with a greater sense of impact. I’ve learned that consistency is not the death of adventure, it’s actually the birthplace of a healthy & sustainable creative life.
Thanks so much Vyana! Zelma rose loves you!!
You can read more about Vyana and Humble Luxury here.
And follow along with them on Instagram here.
All the photography in this post are credited to Vyana Novus-Magee. Vyana wears the BONITA NECKLACE in GOLDEN OCHRE, the TOMALES NECKLACE in DRIFTWOOD, and the TOMALES NECKLACE in BONE
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