Go French Yourself blogger Sam Ruble

Say hello to ZELMA ROSE MUSE, Samantha Ruble. Sam is a Tulsa based lifestyle blogger and design lover with an ease in taking trends and truly making them her own. Her popular blog Go French Yourself features Sam's unique hacks for everything from travel easy wardrobes to throwing the perfect last minute get together.

Go French Yourself blogger Sam Ruble of Tulsa

Sam has an incredible ability to create elegant outfits that you can happily wear all day and still keep up with your kids and walk your dog, not to mention still breath! She has an eye for combining vintage and modern in both her closet and home, and with years spent as an account executive in the beauty industry, readers love her expertise and honesty when it comes to fashion picks and product reviews. 

Go French Yourself blogger Sam Ruble in Zelma Rose

Sam and I became fast friends via Instagram when we discovered our mutual love of long flowing dresses and large scale sunnies. We have yet to meet in real life, but I cannot wait until her travels lead her to my corner of the world!

Go French Yourself Blogger Sam Ruble wearing Zelma Rose

I asked Sam to share with us her #thesethreethings, life lessons that have stuck with her though the years. Here's what she had to say:

Go French Yourself blogger Sam Ruble wearing the Zelma Rose Bonita Necklace

1. Let people (friends, loved ones, strangers) help you when you need it – it’s OK to be raw and vulnerable. 

Go French Yourself blogger Sam Ruble in her Estero Necklace by Zelma Rose

2. I’ve learned that more often than not, my body mistakes thirst for extreme hunger. Unfortunately, I usually resort to the latter. But I am working on it !!!!! 

Sam Ruble blogger wearing Zelma Rose

3. Gossip is fruitless - empower women don’t diminish them. Whenever I’m in the company of certain friends and they find themselves wanting to revel in gossip, I am managing to veer us away from it, and instead forge a conversation about what we can do to strengthen our own lives and bring about positive changes. I vowed to practice more grace and dignity because there is simply no value in gossip, and it functions only as a projection of our own insecurities. We need to empower women, not diminish them. Since my first experiences of female friendship, I have, from time to time, said or done something cruel to reduce other women, and have also known what it feels like to be diminished by another woman. Oh man it still stings. Cruelty is momentarily remedial of course, but leaves an everlasting bad taste in the month. In the way that gossip is fruitless, there is also no value in lessening women. Through the generosity of sisterhood, I’ve learned that there is nothing stronger and more limitless than an empowered woman.

Blogger Sam Ruble of Go French Yourself wear the Zelma Rose necklace in Graphite

Thanks so much Sam! Zelma rose loves you!!
You can read more about Sam and Go French Yourself here. 
And follow along with her on Instagram here.
All the photography in this post are credited to the Go French Yourself Blog.
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  • Hey ! That’s me !

    Oh Lisa – so happy Instagram has brought us together ! I can’t wait to meet you in person one day! Thank you for this wonderful feature !!!!!!! You certainly put a smile on my face!!!!! Xoxo

    Samantha Ruble
  • So great!!! Love this article and the photos!!

  • Sam is such a caring and giving woman. She has embraced others (including myself) through social media and made each one of us feel special.

    Beth Anderson
  • Sam is such doll. I love her photos and her stories !!

    Jeana Acosta

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