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Say hello to ZELMA ROSE MUSE, Michelle Norris. Michelle is an Atlanta based photographer + creative director with an inspired eye for composition, an iconic colorful style of photography, and an equally colorful and well curated personal style. Michelle has a well honed eye for combining color with landscapes and architecture to create the most gorgeous and inspiring editorial photo shoots. This mix and match of color, angles, and texture has created a unique signature photography style that is pure Michelle magic.
Michelle Norris Photography Zelma Rose
Michelle and I have never met in person (amazing, right), but we connected online a few years ago when she came upon my designs in an Atlanta store. We have worked together remotely a few times now and I always look forward to being a part of her magical and expertly directed colorful visions.
Michelle Norris Photography Zelma Rose
I asked Michelle to share with us her #thesethreethings, life lessons that have stuck with her though the years. Here's what she had to say:
Michelle Norris Photography Zelma Rose
1. The father of close friend of mine once said, "Don't let the life you have planned get in the way of the life you are living now". I've found a path that I did not plan on or imagine when I was young, but honestly it's even better than what I dreamed of. It is important to be open to what comes to you. 
Michelle Norris Photography Zelma Rose
2. If you build it, they will come. But seriously, I've really thrown myself into creating my ideal career and am now reaping the benefits! Even when something seems like a slim chance, I really do believe you will find success if you give it your all. 
Michelle Norris Photography Zelma Rose
3. Focus on being the best you. I fall into the Instagram trap constantly and get caught up in envying other people. I always find peace when I re-center my focus on my being the best version of myself and pursuing the things that make me unique.
Michelle Norris Photography Zelma Rose
Thanks so much Michelle! Zelma rose loves you!!
You can read more about Michelle here + here.
And follow along with her on Instagram here.
All the photography in this post are credited to Michelle Norris Photography + Tropic Photo.

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