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Melissa Anderson Zelma Rose Muse
Say hello to ZELMA ROSE MUSE, Melissa Anderson. Melissa is a Detroit based graphic designer and illustrator.  She describes herself as someone who enjoys drawing sophisticated doodles on unexpected surfaces. While she says she, "doesn't have any national recognition, she is locally recognized for enjoying life." How awesome is that?! 
Melissa Anderson San Gabriel Necklace
Melissa confesses that she talks at a high volume and is unapologetically honest. She's also a self described professional procrastinator, a world-famous necklace model (not based on facts, except shown here), a chronic list-maker, and a #bettywhitethedog snuggler (seriously how cute is her dog)? She rides a bike. She brings the happy. Melissa, we love you! 
Melissa Anderson Zelma Rose Muse
Melissa initially caught my eye on Instagram as a customer. Her first ZR purchase was the TOMALES NECKLACE in DRIFTWOOD. When she shared her ZR style photos, I instantly fell in love with her beautifully put together laid back look and sense of color. It wasn't long before the fun photos of her life in Detroit with her partner Bob and Betty White the dog had me hooked on the happy!
Melissa Anderson Zelma Rose San Gabriel Necklace Detroit
I asked Melissa to share with us her #thesethreethings, life lessons that have stuck with her though the years. Here's what she had to say:

1. Some people believe that caring about style is vain or frivolous. I believe what you choose to wear has a direct connection to how you feel and therefore how you present yourself to the world. Look good. Feel good. Get shit done. I know that I have a much better day when I get dressed. Even if I am just working from home. Also, I don’t believe that only certain people can pull off certain things. Do you love it? Does it make YOU feel good? You’re pulling it off. Wear pink pants. Wear rainbow suspenders. I wear both. Just be you and have fun in this. 

P.S. I recently learned about the ghost outfit. Definitely makes me want to feel my best everyday. I’m not even sure I believe in ghosts, but I’ve always been one to be prepared. 

Melissa Anderson Zelma Rose Muse

2. As an artist, I’ve spent many years trying to make everything perfect or not creating out of fear that it wouldn’t be. However, I’ve learned that the more I create, the better my work gets. That doesn’t mean it’s all good. In fact, there is usually some trash in there with the treasure. But when I let my ideas run freely and allow myself to make mistakes, I’ve discovered that is where the treasure lives.

Zelma Rose Muse Melissa Anderson Detroit Graphic Design

3. I rent. I’ve never owned a home. Sometimes, I don’t quite finish spaces, because I think about the next place or the thought of buying a house. I planned on buying one this year, but with some financial changes, it’s not happening (yet). So, I’ve spent the last month cleaning, hanging every piece of art we own, rearranging, and adding a few small things that we’ve been missing. It feels great in this little apartment right now. Is it perfect? No. Is it done? A home never really is. My point is this: LIVE IN YOUR SPACE. It doesn’t matter if you own it or not. Make it cozy. Make it yours. It’s a cheesy, old saying, but the home is where the heart is feels very appropriate right now. This home is filled with a lot of heart, because my people (pets included) are here. OK and 'cause I have some cool shit, too. 

Melissa Anderson Detroit Zelma Rose Muse

Thanks so much Melissa! Zelma rose loves you!!
You can read more about Melissa and Bringing the Happy here.
And follow along with her on Instagram here.
All the photography in this post are credited to Melissa Anderson. She wears the SAN GABRIEL NECKLACE in BLACK.
Murals by Ellen Rutt and Ouizi. 
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  • I love you darling! Great write up and our crib is the coziest.


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