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Vintner's Daughter Zelma Rose
Vintner's Daughter, the all natural skincare sensation on every beauty editor's lips is worth every penny. For real. I went from curious to die hard fan and user overnight when a chance meeting with founder April Gargiulo had me convinced that I absolutely needed to give this much talked about serum a try.
Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum natural skincare
First, a little about founder April Gargiulo. April doesn't compromise. Born into a family of winemaker's she grew up understanding the importance of creating a product with uncompromising quality and that every step in the process is a new opportunity to up your game and create an ever better process and more effective product. Vintner's Daughter is the result of two years of tireless work and experimentation to create simply the best and most effective skincare serum out there. Also, it's toxin free. Whoa. With over 60 plus critical nutrients and a slow and exact extraction method, the result is an active and powerful serum that addresses the full spectrum of skin needs. I'm talking hydration, redness, fine lines and wrinkles, firmness, and discoloration. 
Vintner's Daughter ingredients non toxic skincare
Hearing April speak at an event at The Assembly last month was really convincing. I'm always one to appreciate someone who earnestly wants to deliver the best product possible and April fits the bill. Her whole mission with Vintner's Daughter is to create a safe and effective product that can be your single go to, make a difference, all hands on deck, powerhouse of a skin serum. She sold me (It also helped that she complemented me on my dress - super vain of me, but what can I say, it's a really great dress).
Vintner's Daughter lavender skin serum
Not only does Vintner's Daughter smell amazing, but the whole process of push and press application (you can read more here) is like a mini massage for your face and has become a favorite part of my morning routine. I noticed results from a single use. No joke. I couldn't believe it either. In fact Vintner's Daughter has replaced 3 products I was using to keep my skin moisturized, plump, and treat fine lines and wrinkles. And this powerhouse serum does a better job than those 3 did combined. Really. I'm convinced at this point that anyone you know who has great skin is using Vintner's Daughter.
This probably sounds like an advertisement at this point, it's not. Just a big resounding YES PLEASE for a product that delivers on what it promises.
You can learn more about Vintner's Daughter here.
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