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Beats by Dre Zelma Rose
Beats by Dre, the award winning and musician coveted headphones created by the incomparable Dr. Dre + Jimmy Iovine definitely live up to the hype. After convincing myself that I'd have to be crazy to spend $299 on a set of headphones, I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless before my trip to New York last month and now I'm wondering why I waited so long. Here's why...
Apple Beats by Dre review by Zelma Rose Apple
It's no secret I'm a fan of Dr. Dre. While I definitely enjoy his music, it's his work ethic and near insanity at the mixing boards that speaks to me as a creative. His drive to get it perfect and his ease in knowing when he has struck gold is inspiring and enviable. It also made him a billionaire (watch The Defiant Ones on HBO, it's incredible). To tap into just a piece of that sound, his mix and balance of a song, is what initially interested me in Beats. And it's true, the sound is good. Like award winning good. It's better than good and there is something sacred about making the decision to put on a set of headphones, shut out the outside world and listen, really listen to a piece of music. It is a deliberate decision. And I kind of love that. 
Beats by re Solo3 Wireless
The headphones themselves are very comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. They fold up easily and are are convenient to travel with in a carrying case (included) and a small carabiner hook (also included) that hooks on to your bag for easy access. With 40 hours of battery life for wireless listening, they only needed to be charged once during my entire trip and it the charge was quick. I have been using them to take phone calls in the studio and the sound is equally great. The mic is easy to use and the sound for voice calls is clear and accurate.
Beats come in a variety of colors and finishes. In the end I chose classic matte black to match my phone case. I'll save you the incredible surprise of the unboxing experience. It's genius and I would expect nothing less from Dre, Jimmy, and Apple. Let's just say there's some spot gloss going on. I was glad I was sitting down. Ha. 
You can find about a million reviews of Beats online. Most of them are spectacular, but some, mostly provided by audiophiles are less than amazing. I've been very happy with mine though, both in sound and quality. What I love most, and have missed about not owning a pair of over the ear headphones, is the intimate relationship they give me with the music. While this can be achieved by wearing any array of other headphones, I'm gonna go with having a small piece of the Dre empire. 
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