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Hi Friends,

Thanks so much to your response to my #thesethreethings post yesterday! Many of you reached out with questions and excitement about joining in on the project. Many of you inquired about the book, and yes, it is available on Amazon. I have included a direct link to purchase These Three Things in my bio. For those of you wanting to join in on the project on their own IG feed or on FB or Twitter, yes, you can totally use the hashtag! In fact, please do. There are people all over the world who practice daily with me and we will all be able to find each other on all the platforms that way. Just use #thesethreethings. And finally, yes, there is a place where you can read the project from the very beginning. I have archived the entire first year on the lisaandersonshaffer website. Link is Or, . And here's a nice surprise! Many of you asked and yes, I'd love to! I've decided to help guide us all along with this project each day over the next few weeks. I'm going to offer ideas/prompts/inspiration on ways you can join in this practice or start a daily practice of your own. Some will be specific, others will be more general. I'll lead by example and  share with you what I have learned within each topic or prompt. I'm going to start out light, as we all have a lot on our plates right now and while the reflection comes with this practice no matter what, beginning with simple less introspective ideas will help naturally guide us all to being receptive to learning the big stuff when the time is right. So tune in here each day for the new prompts. I usually post around 8 pm PST on Instagram here. I'll create a Stories Highlight as well so you won't miss a thing.

Stay well and see you here tomorrow to get started!

xxx Lisa

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