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Prompt #1

Music. Over the past year I have loved talking with many of you about the ease and joy of beginning a daily practice around music. The possibilities are endless and there is such a flow to these practices, an almost 6 degrees of separation, that happens naturally with music. One discovery leads to another and another. So many rabbit holes.

I'll share three different music based daily practice ideas with you today, along with a more standard These Three Things prompt related to music. Choose whichever gives you the feels. Just start somewhere.

1. A new song a day. Commit to listening to a song you have never heard before each day. Keep track somewhere. Either NOTES on your phone, a journal, Google docs, Airtable. Whatever feels right. After a few weeks patterns will emerge around how you chose each song, what artist leads you to another, it's fun. You can also create a play list on Spotify or ITunes with each song to share with friends and other people participating in this project. It's the daily practice that keeps on giving.

2. I celebrate his entire catalogue (Office Space reference for those of you in the know). Choose a favorite artist, or maybe one you enjoy but haven't fully explored (I'm currently doing this with Neil Young - it's deep y'all) and commit to listening to their entire catalogue. Either an album a day or a song a day. Whatever feels right. You can go in order or mix it up. I like to go in order to fully experience the artist's trajectory to their latest work. But the choice is yours. Keep track, take notes, create playlists. Share or don't, just start.

3. DJ Intensive Study. Immerse yourself in someone else's musical taste. I LOVE to do this with Questlove. He's on Spotify under his birth name Ahmir Khalib Thompson. He's got sooooo many great playlists full of songs that give me all the feels. It's fun to play in another's musical taste as a jumping off point for our own. I am always filled with memories when I practice this way. Songs I had forgotten about, or ones that remind me of a certain time and place. It's a surprise around every corner.

The three suggestions above can become your daily practice all on their own, or you can combine one with #thesethreethings by writing three things you learn each day from your practice. You do not have to record life altering discoveries. They can be simple. Either way sets the stage for your mind to engage in ritual, which opens the gate for deeper discoveries and creativity. It's all good. Just start.

Music Related Prompt

Share three music related learnings or memories. I'll start!

1. I still know the sequence of guitar string notes from a guy I met outside the Wetlands in NYC in 1994. EADGBE stands for Every Acid Dealer Gets Busted Eventually. What a great night!

2. I once dated a boy named Chris Robinson because I was obsessed with Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes. This was also the 90's. My Chris had long hair too, and could sing. Sort of. It all worked out.

3. Listening to the song Peace Frog by The Doors in my friend Tree's 1989 maroon Volo wagon changed the way I thought about music. Tree and I became friends that day back in 1992 and we still talk every week. Mostly about music. And The Simpsons.

What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.

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