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These Three Things Running Press Hachette

1. Today marks 2 years of this project - writing three things I have learned each day and sharing them with you. In some ways it feels like a big accomplishment, in other ways, it all feels very easy and natural at 2 years in. I've learned countless things over these two years, more than I could ever imagine, but what sticks with me everyday is the idea and importance of skill. In essence, along with everything I have shared with you over the past two years, I also have learned how to do this. How to maintain a daily practice for 730 days without missing a beat. As the days passed, I got better at it, it became easier, and at 2 years it is a part of me. This is what I do. I don't know for how long, I have no expectations. I imagine someday I will no longer want to and that's okay. But for now, I'm not done. 

2. I'm excited that in December there will be a way for all of you to practice right along with me. I'm excited about the These Three Things Book. And nervous, and nauseous and all the things that come along with birth. I've always wanted to write a book, I didn't know this would be it, but I'm really happy that it is. 
3. I wanted to share my first post from the project dated July 22, 2016. Part of it is below, but if you would like to read how These Three Things began, start here. 
Three things July 22, 2016
1. There is never enough time. In the day, in the week, in the year, and with the ones we love. If you are waiting for the right time, grab the god damn bull by the horns and make it the right time. The right time is the morning you wake up full of breath able to live another day. 
2. Everything will change. EVERYTHING. Your relationships, your mind, your wisdom, beauty, friendships, body, health, job, finances, home...you get it. Some changes are for the better, some are not, but life is more fun if you surrender to this fact.
3. You can ask for what you want in life but you don't get to decide the how and when. If you are waiting for a door to open, keep your eyes on the windows, the chimney, and the gutters. Life presents many possibilities when you are open to taking a different and unexpected perspective.
What did you learn today?

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