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These 3 Things


1. Partner with people in love and business that share your sense of humor. My husband and I have been together for 20 years. Most of that time has been wonderful but if we added up all the rough days in that time, it would probably amount to a few years of shit storms. What has always gotten us through the hard times is our shared sense of humor. We simply find the same things funny, and that's been really important through the years. Don't underestimate the ability to share a laugh with someone.  It can save the day.

2. Rest when tired, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty. Simple. 

3. Keep a screwdriver and a pair of scissors in the car. You will be surprised how many times you use them. 

What did you learn today?

Join me by using the #these3things and commenting below with your own These 3 Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.



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