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These 3 Things


1. For the last 265 days I have sat down each night, created a photo collage, and documented three things I have learned. It is hard for me to imagine that suddenly 100 days remain. This project has been a really interesting experiment. I never imagined my take away from the project at this point, would be a much deeper understanding of my emotional self. Surprise! I wonder for those of you who have been participating within the comments below, via the hashtag on your own Instagram account or blog, or in a notebook at home, what have you learned that has surprised you?

2. The Philippine coral reef is the most biodiverse coral reef in the world, providing home to 3,000 different species of fish. Neat. 

3. Hammocks are good. 

What did you learn today?

Join me by using the #these3things and commenting below with your own These 3 Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.



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