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These 3 Things


1. The body is inherently brave. The brain will convince your body of cowardice. I've learned a lot about my body over the past few years. Yoga provides magical moments where I know with complete absolute confidence that I am ready to do a pose I couldn't do before. These moments are so clear, yet, my mind still tries to take over for a brief second convincing me that it is impossible. Today was one of those moments of clarity. I was able to get up into a shoulder stand for the first time, hyper-flexible shoulders and all. Take that, brain. 

2. The practice begins when you want it to end. I'll repeat that. The practice begins when you want it to end. My brain has been melting over this one all day. 

3. So, while I was getting into that so very ready to do it shoulder stand, I farted. My inversion was quite literally gas powered. And there you have it. Farts happen. 

What did you learn today?



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