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These 3 Things


1. Oh, Oakland. My heart hurts. As a community of artists we have all spent time in these creative spaces and places. Both here and in other cities. Whether it is to check out someone's work at a midnight open studio, to blow off steam with a bunch of other like minded people, or to climb a ladder to the second floor loft of a closed carpet factory to listen to a friend's band. As artists we work. It's what we do. And when we are pushed out of more conventional spaces, we find places and spaces to do what we do. And our friends follow. Lots of loss in Oakland and the Bay Area right now. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

2. A wise friend said yesterday, "To struggle, is to struggle. It doesn't make you stronger, or more powerful. You just struggle." This was one of those gems that was dropped in the most casual way. It hit me right between the ears and I had total grey matter melt. I still do. 

3. I absolutely love having friends who take care and precision in things that don't even cross my mind. I have a dear friend who carries lipstick in her bra at yoga and applies it right before class. She is a total bad ass yogini and it tickles me so that it would never occur to me to put lipstick on before yoga. Lipstick is not even on my radar, but I love that it is on hers. 

What did you learn today?



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