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These 3 Things


1. Samantha Bee asked the women on her staff to raise their hand if they had ever been called fat. Every single woman raised her hand regardless of their body type. I kind of lost my breath there for a second. Most of us ladies, have been called fat in a way that has been meant to hurt us. That is insane to me. I'm taking the word back. Fat is officially mine and I render it meaningless. 

2. I love your stuff. I hear this sentence every single time I work a show. People mean it as a compliment and it is, but I always wonder about the word stuff. What does that really mean? My stuff? Because a part of me does love facts, here's the definition of stuff according to Webster's: materials, supplies, or equipment.  A group or pile of things that are not specifically described. Any artists want to chime in here? 

3. Overheard today while working a show..."Seriously, I made that in the third grade." My response..."I hope your syphilis treatment is going well." Not my best or most graceful yoga aligned and compassionate moment, but every once in while I like to fight back a little. This hardly every happens, but I know collectively as a group, those of us who work shows have heard some pretty ridiculous things about our work right in front of our faces. Today I just wanted to say something instead of standing there with a smile on my face. For future reference, telling someone you hope their syphilis treatment is going well is such a bizarre thing to say to a stranger, they are really taken off guard and walk away in disbelief. 

What did you learn today?



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