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These 3 Things


1. Projectile vomit is really hard to get out of a car seat. I let the Dude handle that one. 

2. Morning sickness is great preparation for parenthood. I threw up a total of maybe 5 times in my life before I became pregnant. Little did I know that after nearly 4 and 1/2 months of morning sickness and hurling on the daily, my life would soon become even more vomit-centric as a mother. I remember one time in particular when I threw up in the car on the way home from work. My Dad had just retired and was driving me from SF to Oakland for work because I was too nauseous to take BART. At the time he was watching an alarming amount of Access Hollywood and was telling me how surprised he was that Jessie James had cheated on Sandra Bullock. He got really into it as we were crossing the Bay Bridge and failed to notice that I was puking into a trash bag from the passenger seat. He asked me what I thought about the swirling rumors of Jessie James's infidelity and when I didn't answer he handed me his handkerchief. Which I then threw up on. 

3. I think I finally really learned how to spell nauseous. Time will tell. 

What did you learn today? 





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