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These 3 Things


1. Stevie Nicks was 25 when she wrote Landslide. I get super obsessed over these things. I am always fascinated to learn the ages of songwriters when they wrote iconic songs. The older I get, the more deeply I understand the lyrics to Landslide. I can't imagine having that old of a soul at 25 to know all of that deep in my body. It's a magic song and Stevie is all magic. 

2. I found out today that 2 of my more well known designs were stolen from stockists recently. It always feel so weird to know that. So many questions. Was it even the necklace, or was it just to get the rush? Are you really going to go ahead and steal something handmade from a brick and mortar store? I mean what the fuck? After thinking on it a while today it mostly makes me feel uncomfortable and sad for everyone involved. For Christ's sake, steal batteries. No one wants to pay for those. 

3. Give old favorites a new chance. I used to watch The Simpsons in very large doses. My favorite years were when Conan O'Brian was writing for them - the Monorail years. I haven't watched the show in a while, years really, but last night my husband and I watched the most recent season finale and it killed! So funny. My favorite scene was a quick shot of Ralph Wiggum somehow stuck to a firehouse poll on the playground. Oh Ralph. 

What did you learn today?



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