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These 3 Things


pine tree these 3 things

1. Envy is about you. Always. Envy is the worst, and luckily it is not an emotion I feel too often. To be honest, I'm too old and too busy to bother, but when it does creep up, boy does it suck, and I usually don't see it coming. The thing about envy is that while someone else can illicit anger, or make you laugh, there really isn't an outside cause of envy other than what we have going on in our heads, which so seldom matches reality. It happens, it's ugly, but we move on. Hopefully quickly. 

2. The average wingspan of a bald eagle is between 5-7.5 feet. That's gigantic. Majestic, but also creepy gigantic. 

3. As a woman, you can break a world record, and still come below the fold of a man who came in second place. Sigh. 

Join me by using #these3things and commenting below with your own These 3 Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.



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