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This cookie jar belonged to my grandmother Zelma Blanche Anderson. She had a small collection of cookie jars and with travel and multiple moves, this is the only one that remains intact. I think it dates back to the 1940's and my dad still remembers it sitting on their kitchen counter in different homes from the army base up in the Ozarks to their suburban home in Queens, New York. Zelma was a fascinating woman, and if you guessed that my business is named after her, you'd be right. She had a hilarious sense of humor and loved being the life of the party. She saw a tremendous amount of tragedy in her life. Losing a son in his 20's and having another son badly injured in Vietnam around the same time (he survived and lived to be my dad). But you would never know. If there was one thing my grandparents refused to do, it was to let grief rule their world all of the time. They grieved and as I became older and learned about the passing of my Uncle I could see it in their eyes and hear how they missed him in their voices. Despite that tragic loss and several that would follow, they never lost their sense of humor. What I remember most about Zelma was her ability to make Kingston, my grandfather laugh. That was a huge part of their relationship. Zelma loved an audience and Kingston loved being one. I think it's fitting that one of the things that I have inherited from Zelma is her cookie jar. The roly poly smiling bear. When it's full, life is good. When it's empty, there's still a lot to smile about. 

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