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Hi Friends!
I couldn't be more excited to announce that These Three Things is teaming up with artist Charlotte Hamilton of @blueshineart to bring you #the100daystayathomeproject! Each day, Charlotte and I will be posting prompts for sketching, photography and writing. You will have the option of sketching an object of your own for each prompt, sketching from my photograph related to the prompt, take your own photograph related to each prompt, and or joining us and writing three things you have learned each day. No matter how you choose to participate, be sure to use the #the100daystayathomeproject. We are both so excited to see what you do and will be sharing participant art throughout the 100 days. It's important to acknowledge that things are weird right now. Charlotte and I are responding in this way, by making, but some days it will be hard for us. And that's okay. And some days it will be hard for you to feel creative and that's okay. You can make the choice for yourself to work through it or not. Neither choice is right. Neither is wrong. What I love about this project and collaboration in general, is that it allows one person to hold the reins when another cannot. We invite you to participate with us, but how you do that is up to you. A lot of people participate in #thesethreethings quietly by reading my posts to themselves. This counts. Others participate in their own private way using my book or their own journal. And some comment on my posts with their own three things. All of these are of value. Because you are of value. And Charlotte and I think so too. So participate however you like. Quietly, consistently, randomly, loudly. We are here as collaborators to hold the reins as you come and go. We are just so happy to be on this ride with you.
Here are the first 5 prompts for #the100daystayathomeproject. You can also find them in images below to save. 
1. Someone
2. Cookie Jar
3. View
4. Feather
5. Portrait
What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.

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