Five Easy Ways You Can Help Small Businesses Right Now!

Five Easy Ways You Can Help Small Businesses Right Now!
Hi Friends,
I know we all have a lot on our minds right now. To be honest, it would be weird if we didn't. This is uncharted territory. And that can feel uncertain. Just like all other things though, we will get through this together. 
Yes, supporting small businesses with our dollars is critical right now. If that’s within your means, fantastic we need you. In addition to that, here’s a few super simple and free (my love don’t cost a thing - thanks JLo) ways to show your support.
Get ready to dust off your pom-poms.
Here’s how:
Drop some stars ⭐️
Review + Subscribe
1. Books + Blogs
Take this time to leave glowing Amazon reviews for author friends. Did you know you don’t have to purchase the book from Amazon to leave a love fest review?
Head on over to your favorite blogs and leave comments on 5 of your favorite posts. Let your blogger friends know you appreciate the time and effort they put into their content!
2. Podcasts
Subscribe + review! Drop 5 stars for podcasting friends. Leave a handful of stars and a short shout out to why their podcast is listen worthy. It’s free and makes you feel good and will help others find out how fab your friends are.
3. Brick + Mortar Businesses
Yelp like an all conference champ cheerleader for brick and mortar stores. Call out your favorite salesperson, store item, and customer service awesomeness on Yelp.
4. Service Professionals
Email monologue style testimonials to favorite service professional all stars. Let others know what makes your go to pro the best in the biz.
5. Share the love! Tell at least 5 people about your friend’s book, podcast, shop or restaurant, and standout services. Do this through email, social media, or write a letter. We remember how to do that, right?
So get to it! Start by making a list of all the friends and people you follow on social media who have books, blogs, podcasts, stores, and offer services. Plan on showing your support for part of your list each day. Start at the top of your list and follow 1-5. Then repeat! That's it!
Sending you all love and really big virtual hugs.
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