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I LOVE pencils. I really love pencils. For drawing, writing, list making, everything. My favorite are absolutely perfect and from a company named Blackwing. Made with incredibly sturdy, smooth, and dark graphite, along with a removable eraser that actually works, I have come to not only love these sleek pencils, but know enough to order them in bulk so I can have them in every corner of my house. 


This gorgeous all black edition is named Volumes 24, and was created in partnership with Thomas Steinbeck, John Steinbeck's son. Thomas insisted his father would have wanted a sleek pencil, all back, with a dark and firm point. I agree. What's better than that? There is a lovely video on the site about the special edition pencil. You can watch it here

Also, everything Blackwing does is with design in mind. Their website is gorgeous, packaging inspired and their product is, as far as pencils go, the best around. You can order Blackwing pencils directly from their website or find them locally at Rare Device in San Francisco. 


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