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If you live in the Bay Area then take the time this weekend to go check out some freshly finished murals by artist Shepard Fairey. He's been busy all week working on two new pieces in San Francisco. One in Hayes Valley and one in the Mission. I went to check him out at work this week and it was pretty incredible. 

Shepard Fairey Mural Hayes Valley San Francisco


American Civics, his solo exhibition at the San Francisco Art Exchange opens this weekend, August 13. 

I first met Fairey in 1995 while spending the summer at RISD. Fairey was deep into his iconic portraits of Andre the Giant at the time and I still have an OBEY sticker that he printed himself. His vision was always so defined and focused even back then. His style very much his own, which always wows me. All of this was living in him all these years ago. It's been nice to see his evolution. 




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