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behind the scenes creative process in the studio process

A few months ago I had the pleasure of spending the morning with talented San Francisco photographer Tory Putnam. Tory stopped by for a visit to capture me at work in a very clean and hardly ever really looks like this studio. I was so delighted with her photos I had a beautiful book made at Artifact Uprising detailing my creative process. You can check out the book at upcoming shows this summer! 

Here are some of my favorite shots, detailing my dye process, weaving and a look at my sunny mountain top studio. 

The first step in my process is to hand dye my cord. Here is a shot of Graphite in a water rinse bath post dye.

Post dye, all dye lots are dried in the sun and then wound into balls, like yarn, for easy storage.

After a lot of measuring - the Estero Necklace is made from over 525 inches of cord - I start the weaving process.
Each Estero Necklace is hand woven in an original pattern of knots and weaves designed by me to create a stand out necklace that is beautiful, durable, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable to wear. One of my favorite parts of the process is the finishing work. Each necklace gets laid flat and shaped. 
Here's a few glimpses of my studio. The natural light is incredible and was flooding the space during the shoot. 
A few of my favorite things...a flag from The Wild Standard and prints from Artifact Uprising. 
And just in case you didn't know I'm in California, my collection of crystals, a cactus, and one of my Zodiac Constellation Wall Hangings. The only thing missing are my yoga books. Ha!
Thanks for taking a little tour of the studio with me! I'd love to hear your thoughts and learn a little bit about your workspace. 


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