Zelma Rose is a line of jewelry designed by artist Lisa Anderson Shaffer. Inspired by the natural beauty of Northern California, Lisa's designs evoke the delicate balance of bold colors and refined details only found in nature. Each piece is handcrafted by Lisa from our mountain top studio in Fairfax, California and represents her mission to create jewelry that is distinctive and memorable. 

Photography by Sarah Deragon

Giving Back

Each year Zelma Rose donates a portion of our sales to charitable orgainzations that support quality mental health services to our returning veterans. 


Fine artist and jewelry designer, Lisa Anderson Shaffer is best known for her modern needlework jewelry designs for Zelma Rose and her fine art needlework installations. Taught by her grandmother Zelma, Lisa first learned to cross stitch at 9 years old and immediately fell in love with the attention to detail and slow nature of the process. With an intergenerational collection of Anderson family needlework as her inspiration, Lisa has been creating her own modern needlework for the past 15 years. As an artist she has partnered with creative companies like Etsy, ModCloth, West Elm, The American Museum of Natural History, SFMoMA, and Tiny Prints. She currently contributes to Martha Stewart Living as a West Coast Expert Contributor and Wayfair as a featured style Homemaker. Lisa holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MS from San Francisco State University and is a 3 time California Arts Council Artist in Residence Recipient, along with an Academy of Handmade Awardee for Best Artist in Needlework. Lisa speaks at creative conferences and teaches needlework and best business practices for artists across the country. She currently resides and works in the mountains of Marin County, California. For the lastest classes and speaking engagements, sign up for the Zelma Rose email list.

"When I sit down in my studio to design for Zelma Rose, I reference a kaleidoscope of ideas and images. As an artist, I am a hunter and a gatherer. A visual editor, a collector, a cultivator, and a farmer of ideas and design.  Sometimes a design will come to fruition in a single afternoon, other times it is the careful cultivation of successes and failures over the span of a year. Some of my designs are a year in the making, when one day everything just clicks. Moments like that feel magical and remind me how much I love the mystery of the artistic process.  People always find this strange, but I do not sketch my designs.  I write everything down in words in a notebook and then go straight to prototype.  This is probably exactly what you are not supposed to do, but I love the changes that take place in the process.  By listening to the materials and responding to what they are doing I always end up going somewhere a little bit different then I had imagined.  It's exciting, challenging, and feels very genuine."  - Lisa