Zelma Rose is known for our wanderlust inspired goods including jewelry, bow ties and pocket squares in prints and patterns that stand the test of time and evoke our deep love of nature.  Entirely handcrafted and cut from our own original patterns, each premium Zelma Rose design is made to order in our mountainside studio right here in Fairfax, California. 

The Designer

Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Fine artist and well wandered soul, Lisa is a MAKER + WRITER + STYLIST. Zelma Rose was born out of her family's tradition of fine hand craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Lisa enjoys helping brands and customers discover and celebrate their authentic style through her designs and styling services. 


"When I sit down in my studio to design for Zelma Rose, I reference a kaleidoscope of ideas and images. As an artist, I am a hunter and a gatherer. A visual editor, a collector, a cultivator, and a farmer of ideas and design.  Sometimes a design will come to fruition in a single afternoon, other times it is the careful cultivation of successes and failures over the span of a year. Some of my designs are a year in the making, when one day everything just clicks. Moments like that feel magical and remind me how much I love the mystery of the artistic process.  People always find this strange, but I do not sketch my designs.  I write everything down in words in a notebook and then go straight to prototype.  This is probably exactly what you are not supposed to do, but I love the changes that take place in the process.  By listening to the materials and responding to what they are doing I always end up going somewhere a little bit different then I had imagined.  It's exciting, challenging, and feels very genuine."

 - Wander Well, Friends